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If you are already familiar with our site, as you can see, we have a brand new look with lots of new features! We have now added a products page for many useful accessories and outdoor clothing and equipment, and we will be adding new material, features and products. Book campsites, ferries, hire motorhomes and campers worldwide on the travel page, look up manufacturers on the makers page. If you would like to see anything else put onto the site please contact us with your suggestions. Feel free to send us pictures for the projects page of restoration and self-build projects.  

Welcome To The Demountable Camper Club

About Demountables

In a nutshell, Demountable campers are units which can be mounted onto and taken off a separate vehicle, which in the majority of cases, are usually single or double cab pick-up trucks, but as the slideshow above demonstrates, there seems to be no limits to the imaginative range of camper units or host vehicles. Demountables (or slide-in campers as they are known in the USA) are still a relatively rare sight on UK roads, unlike the USA and Canada where they are very popular. In mainland Europe, and especially France, their popularity is more prevalent than the UK. Demountable campers have been around for quite a few decades now and as they have evolved, they have become more and more refined, with the newer versions having powered legs permanently fixed. This means the units have quick and simple release mechanisms. The legs are powered by motors for easy mounting and dismounting from the host pick-up so that the camper unit can be pitched and left on site, allowing the truck to be used independently. This also gives the advantage of reserving your chosen pitch. After removal from the truck, modern campers can then be lowered down to ground level for convenient access inside without having to use extra steps to get in and out. Older ones have manually operated wind up leg lifting mechanisms which takes longer and is less convenient for a frequent drop off and retrieval. The legs of these older units are usually stowed separately and connected when de-mounting is required. A number of manufacturers also make pop-up roof types, which gives better airflow when driving, less weight, lower centre of gravity, lower headroom clearance, and enables better overall fuel econony. Demountables fit onto the majority of pick-ups, but if you are looking to buy one, do be aware that they do come in a range of sizes especially if you looking to import one from abroad. In the UK and Europe, the majority are used on top of smaller 1 ton pick-ups such as a Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger, Isuzu Denver, Mitsubishi L200 etc, but in the USA there are many much larger trucks with some considerably larger campers to match. So If you are looking to spend your hard earned cash on a demountable on its own, do make sure that it will be compatible with your own truck, especially when importing from The USA or Canada. Another aspect to consider when importing from USA and Canada is the difference in mains voltage supply (EU 220/240v, US 110v) although they can be adapted using transformers/converters. If in doubt consult a specialist technician. Even though demountables may appear to be fairly small from the exterior, many people are totally amazed at the “Tardis-like’ space and comfort that demountables offer. The interior layouts and overall size of each unit will vary with each manufacturer, so it’s always worth thinking about how many people you wish to carry, how many berths the camper has and what your own equipment requirements are before committing to part with your money.  

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26/1/15 Unfortunately the forum has been removed due to unnecessary malicious  disruption by a new group. This site is not in competition with anyone and is provided for demountable enthusiasts and owners for your convenience and will continue to develop here in other ways.